Garden of Aromatics

At the entrance of the property, the aromatic garden with rosemary, lemon balm, lemongrass, sage, thyme, oregano, fennel, mint, parsley, snow… invites you to pick some sprigs for a natural infusion or to flavor your meals.

Pool and Games Room

The indoor pool and games room is located at the highest point of the property with a magnificent view over the sea.

The Games Room is a pleasant space for relaxation and entertainment.

It is perfect for enjoying different activities: table tennis, snooker, table football and board games.


The natural landscapes provide walks and unique moments within nature.

Explore, from the houses, the surrounding landscapes, using the roads and agricultural paths.

We suggest a visit to Ribeira Fundo viewpoint, a geological fault that gave this village its name.


Bicycles are available, free of charge.

Venture out and enjoy the surrounding landscapes having the sea as company.

Welcome Basket

Upon arrival at your house you will find a wicker basket with various local products and eggs from our hens.

Welcome gift!


A large green space surrounds the entire property, each house has a private garden that provides comfort and privacy.

In the center of the property is the “eira”, used for generations to thresh and dry cereals and grain legumes. The terrace over the pool is a privileged viewpoint of the surrounding plateau of the Capelinhos Volcano and an extensive sea front.

Other Sugestions

Natural sensations await you.

Experience every detail of the Island with a flavor of volcanoes and the sea!