CASAS D’ARRAMADA – VILLAGE TOURISM is a Rural Tourism enterprise in the quality of Village Tourism. Inserted in a rural property with 10.000m2, these houses are located on a plateau facing west between the Capelinhos’ Caldeira and Volcano.

Built on top of the ruins of the 9th of July 1998 earthquake, these houses are part of the family heritage and of Lugar da Ribeira Funda region. People and animals lived here for generations, people we cared very much and were part of our lives.

Opened in 2005, the result of the effort and passion of their owners, the houses were rebuilt with the intention of perpetuating the memory of their ancestors and to offer stays fulfilled in history, in a place of tranquility and simplicity.

Managed by their owners, who are natives of this place, the CASAS offer
a familiar and cozy environment.


CASAS D’ARRAMADA – VILLAGE TOURISM has been a family heritage since the last century, the origin of its name is due to the old ramada that existed and where soups were served in praise of the Divine Holy Spirit, typical festivals of the Azores.

Our people lived on subsistence agriculture from the sea and hunting. They had a communal lifestyle. People of Faith gathered around religious festivals and pilgrimages. There was a single commercial establishment “O Botequim” which was both a tavern and a grocery store where everything from fabrics to fuel was sold.