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    Direction: Airport – Casas D’Arramada:

    20 minutes drive. At the airport exit, turn left, stay on the main road and after the parishes of Castelo Branco, Capelo and Praia do Norte, you will find a blue sign with “CASAS D’ARRAMADA”, continue straight ahead for 2km, and find a new sign indicating to turn right on a secondary path, 100m away are the CASAS.

    Direction: Maritime Station – Casas D’Arramada:

    30 minutes drive, when leaving the maritime station, turn right on the main road, stay on the main road pass the parishes of Pedro Miguel, Salão e Cedros, you will find a blue sign “CASAS D’ARRAMADA” continue for 2 km and you will find a new sign blue “CASAS D’ARRAMADA” turn left and in 100 meters are the CASAS.

    Casas D’Arramada:

    Marker (lat: 38.61732559, lng: -28.72890428)